SO I’M BACK! Please don’t yell at me. Although the past two months haven’t been crazy busy, I never got the chance to sit down and write a post (alright, maybe I had the chance a few times, but it’s not my fault Twitter has been so good lately).

Let me just give you a quick life update:

  • Currently, I’m  a member of three online music publications (shoutout to Honey Punch, Heart Eyes Mag, and Music Existence!)
  • I’m also one of the heads over at Heart Eyes Mag, which was made by some of my friends and I! VERY PROUD OF IT
  • So trying to juggle each outlet and my assignments for each is mainly why I’m been very M.I.A. on here. (is that even a life update?)
  • Summer is almost coming to an end, and college applications are soon to be real. Please don’t remind me about that.
  • I’ve been very concert deprived- haven’t been to one since MAY! Luckily, I have Khalid this Tuesday (aug 1st) and things will be back to normal.

Okay, enough about me, this is a music blog right?! THIS SUMMER HAS ONE OF THE BEST EVER FOR MUSIC. The amount of new tunes and albums coming out each Friday has overwhelmed me each week. (i’m gonna do a post regarding all new albums from this summer, so stay tuned!)

I feel like I should have more to say since I’ve been MIA on here for two months, but honestly my life isn’t THAT exciting. I know I’ve said before “I’m gonna write on here every week or twice a week for now on, blah blah” and I never keep up with that, so I’m just gonna say I’ll write on here MORE.

If I’m gone for a little bit, go on Twitter and yell at me because I’m most likely just spending hours finding new memes.

(p.s. i’m currently halfway through Cage The Elephant’s new Unpeeled album and WOW!!)





The “COIN” sign lights up, the gravestone swirls with lights, the room goes black, and your heart is about to jump out of your chest. Seconds later, you’re yelling “I’m feeling you, can you feel it too” with the biggest smile, rapid jumping (that you’ll be doing the entire set), with Chase’s energy instantaneously overflowing the crowd.

When I saw Bad Suns last November in Orlando, Florida, I didn’t think I would be discovering one of my favorite bands. I remember saying to my friend during COIN’s set before Bad Suns went on, “Wait, they’re really good”. Here I am 7 months later, so unbelievably grateful for COIN and thinking about getting a “HWYKIYNT” tattoo.

May 12th and 13th were my fourth and fifth time seeing COIN in St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida, and I swear, every time gets better; each one of their shows is a new experience, new atmosphere, with different people and memories. Just to give you an idea how beloved and popular COIN is now, both shows were sold-out with fans camping out overnight. This band isn’t just another indie pop band that’s famous for a couple of months and blends in with the hundreds of another alternative/indie pop bands; COIN and their music are so much more than that.

Listening to them instantly puts me in the most positive and elated mood, and brings me back to the amazing memories I have with them. Their confident stage presence is unlike any other band I’ve seen thus far; Chase’s energetic dance moves and head-banging makes you feel like you’re dancing right next to him. Due to COIN playing in small venues this tour, the band’s energy instantly fills the room with Chase is engaging with the crowd constantly, from holding your hand and singing lyrics in inch away from his face to him crowd-surfing on top of hundreds of fans.

It’s been a little over a month since COIN released their incredible sophomore album, “How Will You Know If You Never Try?”, and I catch myself singing this album or playing it by instinct in the car pretty much everyday. Hearing everyone in the crowd sing along to these new songs off the album like “Are We Alone?” or “Don’t Cry 2020” were definitely my favorite parts of the shows, but of course, hearing “Malibu 1992” with Chase’s relatable lyrics and soothing piano playing was so beautiful. With this album just being out for over a month, it has made a mark on so fans and myself, and I can’t wait to dance to this album for the rest of my life.

As if there’s anything that can make you love COIN even more is how grateful and appreciative they are of each and every one of their fans. Each show, they are starting to gather more and more fans and become a much bigger and well-known band, but they ALWAYS make it a priority to come out right after their show to meet and talk to every single person. I’ve met Chase three times and though there’s 40+ other girls wanting to talk and get a picture with him, he never rushes a conversation with you and makes you feel unimportant. Every time I’ve met Chase, we have a conversation and then tells me how grateful and appreciative he is for me and other fans like me.

For the Orlando show I went to on May 13th, Chase was meeting the owner behind the COINUPDATES account on twitter and I’ve genuinely never seen an artist thank someone so much and be so grateful and appreciative before; I don’t know if it was because I was really sleep deprived but I started to cry just listening to their conversation. Luckily, I got myself together when it was my turn to talk to Chase but then I cried after I met him; yes, I am one of those very emotional/extra fans.

However, for me, being a fan of a band, or artist is so much more than just liking their music. It’s how you relate to their music, how it impacts your life and changes you, and the incredible memories and the friends you’ve made because of a band. Being a fan of COIN has checked off all of those reasons and more for me, and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. Thinking back now to the five COIN shows I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, I’m instantly rushed with amazing memories of dancing with fans all share the same love, and truly being the happiest I’ve ever been.

Listen to COIN’s new album, “How Will You Know If You Never Try?” here

and while you’re at it, go ahead and listen to their first self-titled album here


helloo and happy May! Actually, we’re closer to June now so happy almost June! Okay I’ll stop being a mess now.

So far this year has been EPIC for music and as I said above, IT’S NOT EVEN JUNE! Friday’s are by far my favorite day of the week— yes, yes, weekend time, school’s over, but more importantly, NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS. It’s the best feeling scrolling through the ‘New Releases’ category on Spotify each Friday and discovering loads of new music you had no idea was coming out #justnerdythings. Since there has been so many new tunes I have been loving recently, I thought I would just write a list of each song/album and make a lil Spotify playlist out of it.

Also, I always make a new playlist for the each month on my Spotify!  I don’t know about you, but every month feels so new and has a totally different vibe so I love sitting down and finding new and old songs that perfectly fits the feel for the new month (I legit get excited when each month comes to an end so I have an reasonable excuse to spend hours listening to music).

may’s playlist: https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/1275748969/playlist/1K1k6Wk27qWDYgFLmlhFMs

recent jams: https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/1275748969/playlist/23v6hf4OOGJK5uEE3G8njX

So, go dance in your room, dance at that red light or dance with your cat to these playlists!!


How is it already almost May? I would say “omg I need this year to slow down blah blah blah” but the school year ends next month, so I need this year to keep going by quick!

Speaking of school, I have been drowning in tests, essays, and studying for important exams, so I’ve barely had time to write a blog post. So, let me get through these next couple of weeks of me still drowning in stress, and hopefully all summer I’ll be posting a lot more.

SO APRIL: I saw The Griswolds, Bad Suns, and Bishop Briggs (and danced to Echosmith for a song or two) at USF’s (University of South Florida) annual Bullstock festival! Bullstock is always free (yes, FREE!), and takes place in a parking lot on the college’s campus. This was my second time at Bullstock; last year, I saw the angelic BORNS and met him after the show.

This year was The Griswolds, Bad Suns, Bishop Briggs and then Echosmith as the headliner, and the acts switched back and forth between the two stages. Bullstock is always so calm and chill with no crazy fans hanging onto the barricade for 10+ hours (fun times). Each year, I’ve gotten to the festival around 5:00 and I got barricade every time.

So starting with The Griswolds, who are an Australian indie-rock band, this was my first time seeing them, and I’ve wanted to see these guys for such a long time. Dancing to their songs like “16 Years” and “If You Wanna Stay” in the middle of the pit just before sunset was total happiness for me.

About 15-20 minutes after The Griswolds, Bad Suns came on, and their shows are always full of excitement, dancing, and teenage girls yelling “Nicholas Cage!” to the lead singer, Christo. This was my second time seeing Bad Suns, and they’ve been one of my favorite bands since I’ve gotten into music years and years ago. Songs like “Daft Pretty Boys”, “Off She Goes”, and “Heartbreaker” all from their newest, sophomore album are my favorites to scream and dance to during the show.

After Bad Suns was Bishop Brigg’s time to blow down Bullstock. Her massive vocals and energetic stage presence is unlike any other artist I’ve seen. Bishop killed the stage with her songs “River”and “The Way I Do”and sang a bunch of newer songs like “Dead Mans Arms”. This was my second time seeing her, and each time gets better and better.

After Bishop Brigg’s set, a bunch of us ran to the gates behind the stage and got to take pictures and talk to her for a little bit! She was so appreciative of us there saying how amazing her set was and how much we love her. Talking to Bishop just feels like your talking to one of your friends, which makes me love her so much more. Later that night, my friend and I rode this random fair ride in the middle of the parking lot while singing to Echosmith, who was performing on the main stage.

USF’s Bullstock never disappoints with their acts, and it’s the perfect festival to relax, and dance like crazy with your friends, as every festival or concert should be. Is it too early to be thinking and getting excited for next year’s Bullstock?!

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Helloo! I meant to write this post a couple of days ago but you know, life gets in the way.

Last Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity of seeing one of my favorite bands since middle school: Young the Giant. Young the Giant is an alternative-rock band from California consisting of five, extremely talented guys. Ever since I got involved in the indie/alternative scene, which was about four years ago, I have been deeply in love with Young the Giant.

For me, listening to Young the Giant have always made me forget everything else going on in my life, and have always put me in the best mood. Their sound with Sameer’s smooth voice and guitar’s in the background (let’s not get too technical on the details here) with beautiful lyrics is what made me fall in love with them way back when. So of course, seeing them for the first time last Saturday was a pretty big deal for me.

The concert was at Tampa’s Busch Gardens for their Food and Wine Festival, which is an unusual venue for an alternative band to play at. During the show, Sameer actually said it was their first time playing at an amusement park, as he pointed to the skyscraper-looking roller coasters in the distance.

And surprisingly, this was by far the most peaceful and relaxing concert I’ve ever been to. There were sections of benches in front of the stage and we got the first bench, which had about four feet of room between the bench and the barricade gate. Also, since it was VIP seating for the front sections of benches, the first row consisted of about 20 hard-core Young the Giant fans, and I love every one of them.

The concert started around 7:15 with the sun setting behind the stage, which made me feel like I was living a dream. With the 4 feet of room between the bench and the barricade, we had so much space to dance like crazy people, and that’s exactly what everyone did; I don’t think I stopped dancing once during their set, even between songs.

People who don’t even know each other’s names, dancing and singing their hearts out together to their favorite songs with their favorite band in front of them, truly one of the best hour and a half of my life. That feeling of being so alive with the music running through you and letting out every care you have, for that moment, nothing else matters. And that’s exactly what makes concerts, in particular this one, so special. Also, Young the Giant played basically all of my favorite songs by them so that made it so much more special for me.

After the concert, the guys had a plane to catch so they unfortunately weren’t able to come meet their fans, but the show they put on completely made up for it. Needless to say, this was such a special concert for me, and I had the most perfect atmosphere and people to share the experience with! I’ll put their setlist down below.

  3. I GOT



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And this is how it starts

I don’t want to begin my blog with the generic, basic “Hey, I’m Victoria!” line. I’m currently listening to Youth by Glass Animals so I’m kinda dancing while typing this. Glass Animals always has that type of beat where I feel the need to do little dance moves every second.

OK actually, I will start my blog with that generic line, but at least it’s not the first thing I’m saying. So hey, I’m Victoria, I’m 17, and this is my blog where I’ll be expressing my thoughts and opinions on everything music (eeehhh basically everything Indie/Alternative) and writing about each concert I go to!  My beloved passion for music and concerts is at an all-time high right now, and I can’t get enough of it, but I’ll get into that another time.

Each week I’ll be writing posts about any old/new albums, singles, headlines/topics, or concerts I’ve recently been to or just want to talk about. Like I said before, I’m reaallly into Indie/Alternative music and that’s what I’ll be primarily talking about. So you won’t catch me getting in-depth about the newest Kodak Black or Future single (I just had to go to Spotify’s hip-hop genre to see who I should reference to).

This has been a somewhat messy first post so I’ll end it here! I’m so excited to see what the future has in store for this blog and for myself to have an outlet to talk about what I love most:music.

Follow me on these things if you wanna:                                                                                                   twitter: @victoriatags                                                                                                                             instagram: @victoriataglione                                                                                                                     spotify: i think my profile comes up when you search “Victoria Taglione”

*the picture above is a disposable from the 1975’s hardrock orlando show from this past december, also one of my favorite shows i’ve been to so far <3*